Protect Pennsylvania from Illegal Gun Violence—Help Stop Fast Track Legislation

From CeaseFirePA (

Late Monday night, CeaseFirePA sounded the alarm that the Judiciary Committee had plans to run a secret bill to advance the NRA’s goal of a special set of legal rules to help gun-extremists use PA courts to attack cities and towns that have taken a stand against straw-purchasers.

But it was too late. By the time the public knew what was happening, the bill was on a fast track – and just before lunch Tuesday it passed the Judiciary Committee. Next it heads to the full House of Representatives.

Your immediate action is needed so we can put up a fight. Urge your legislators to condemn this secret action and to oppose SB 273 (, which will help the NRA attack communities trying to stop illegal gun traffickers. Take action at

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill gun bill. In order to slip it through undetected, the sponsors used one of the dirtiest tricks in the book, called “gut and replace.” They dug up an old bill that nobody was paying attention to, and using an amendment, they deleted the old text and replaced it with something new.

Tell your legislators that you expect more. Make sure they know you’re disgusted by the committee’s secret action, and that you expect them to OPPOSE SB 273.

It gets worse. The old bill they dug up wasn’t just any bill.  Before they gutted it, SB 273 was identical to HB 40, the bill that brought Florida’s “shoot first” style law to Pennsylvania, which was passed into law almost a year ago. But that didn’t stop them from resurrecting it.

If the gun lobby has their way, this bill is going to stay on the fast track. They know that the more people who find out what the legislature is up to, the less likely they are to see the bill become law.

Help sound the alarm. Get in touch with your legislator ASAP.  Send them a note, call them on the phone. If they know we’re paying attention they might think twice.

In less than 12 hours, almost 1000 people sent messages to the Judiciary Committee expressing dismay about the action they were about to take. Now that the Committee has gone through with it, we can’t let the pressure off – we need to ramp it up, so they know how angry we are. Take action at:

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