Help Restore Funding for Early Childhood and K-12 Education

From Public Citizens for Children and Youth (

Next week, the Pennsylvania House will consider the Senate’s budget proposal (SB 1466;, which includes some important restorations to early childhood and basic education funding.

At the same time, the Senate budget cuts crucial funding for early learning (Keystone STARS) and lets cuts the Governor recommended for child care subsidy and basic education (the Accountability Block Grant) stand.

Fortunately our allies in the House have proposed amendments that would build on the Senate budget by restoring funds for Keystone STARS and the Accountability Block Grant.

We need to help them get a majority of votes in favor of restoring funds for Keystone STARS and the Accountability Block Grant.

Now is not the time to rest – legislators are looking to finish the budget by June 13th!  We have to restore funds for these research-based programs that prepare our kids for the future.

Go to to tell your state House member to fully support early learning and basic education programs in 2012-13.

We need to make sure our voices are heard now, so the House votes in favor of these amendments.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Pennsylvania’s children.

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One Response to Help Restore Funding for Early Childhood and K-12 Education

  1. Kenneth Trauger says:

    Support the future by have good education funding of schools and Kindergarden.

    Also do not harm to our communities by not passing bad immigrant laws in Pa.

    As people of faith from many different denominations and traditions across Pennsylvania, we feel it is our moral responsibility to make sure Pennsylvania is a welcoming state. We affirm the importance of loving one’s neighbor and welcoming the stranger, an ethical code central to all religious traditions.

    Several laws introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature run contrary to this goal. These laws are part of a systematic advancement of anti-immigrant legislation at the state level designed to discriminate and exclude immigrants from our communities. These laws include a required ID for state-benefits, mandating use of the employment verification or ‘e-verify’ system, making English the “official” language, and the requirement for local police to inquire about immigration status if someone is viewed as “reasonably suspicious”. Arizona’s SB1070 did not emerge out of nothing – it began one small piece of anti-immigrant legislation at a time, and incrementally escalated to enacting harsher laws against immigrants, culminating in the infamous SB1070. Now similar laws are spreading throughout states including Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. This is not a good direction for Pennsylvania.

    Anti-immigrant legislation is not the solution to our broken immigration system. In fact, such legislation is counterproductive in protecting community safety and building communities of trust. In response to these unending attacks on hardworking people, we affirm and live by the spirit of scripture in welcoming the stranger:

    “The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in Egypt. I am the LORD your God.”
    -Leviticus 19: 34

    We are called to live out our faith by welcoming the stranger and loving our neighbor through building communities of inclusivity that protect and nourish families. This type of harsh legislation separates families and often leaves children, including U.S. citizens, behind as victims of detention and deportation.

    Anti-immigrant legislation makes communities less safe by jeopardizing public safety, as people are afraid that they may be detained or deported if they report crimes that they witness or are victimized by. For example, many undocumented women have themselves been arrested when looking to local police for protection in domestic violence cases. This creates a climate of fear, rather than encouraging the trust needed between police and all members of the community.

    Anti-immigrant policies have proven devastating to local economies by displacing workers, scaring business away, and diverting local law enforcement resources from community safety. Instead, we seek local initiatives that will help build stronger, more welcoming communities in which all persons thrive. We believe that humane reforms of current immigration policies on the federal level reform are the only solution to address the broken immigration system we are currently struggling with.

    We celebrate the diversity of our nation and the contribution of immigrants to our communities and economy. We are dedicated to living out our solidarity and commitment to our immigrant brothers and sisters, and affirm that all people are created equally in the image of God regardless of race or nationality. Please do not let Pennsylvania become another Alabama or Arizona. We ask you to vote against all anti-immigrant laws before the state legislature.

    Thanks for keeping our communities united as one with no divisive immigrant laws.

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