First-Ever Survey of Juveniles Serving Life Without Parole

From the Sentencing Project (

I’m pleased to let you know of a new publication by The Sentencing Project, To Build a Better Criminal Justice System: 25 Experts Envision the Next 25 Years of Reform ( The publication grows out of last year’s 25th anniversary of The Sentencing Project, at which time we invited a group of scholars, policy advocates, and practitioners to share their visions and strategies for comprehensive reform of the criminal justice system.

The publication begins with the keynote address at our anniversary event by Jeremy Travis, president of John Jay College of Criminal Justice, on “Summoning the Superheroes: Harnessing Science and Passion to Create a More Effective and Humane Response to Crime.” The essays that follow propose a range of policy initiatives as well as public education strategies to promote change, including:

  • Partnerships between the criminal justice system and the public health community
  • The challenges of using state and federal budget shortfalls as a major focus for reform
  • Reframing juvenile justice policy under the heading of what if it was “my child?”
  • The strategic role of a racial justice and human rights framework in shaping reform strategies

We hope that this publication will help to promote discussion and engagement among both policymakers and the public to take advantage of the changing climate on issues of crime and public safety.

To Build a Better Criminal Justice System is available for download at the link above, and a limited number of hard copies are available by request to

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