Send a Message to Oppose Water Withdrawals for Fracking from the Susquehanna

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The vote on water withdrawals from the Susquehanna River is fast approaching this Thursday!

Send an email today to prevent the giveaway of our water at!

The natural gas industry wants to withdraw millions of gallons of water per day for fracking. The withdrawals would be used to make “frack fluid,” a toxic cocktail of sand, chemicals and millions of gallons of water. The Susquehanna River Basin Commission will decide this Thursday whether or not to permit the withdrawals. Urge the Governor and the President to tell their representatives on the Commission to vote no to the proposed withdrawals.

President Obama and each governor from New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland have a representative on the Commission. We need to urge these governors, their representatives and the President to vote against further water withdrawals.

Withdrawing mass quantities of water may jeopardize the quality and quantity of current water supplies, and the ecosystems they sustain. The Commission needs to take seriously its responsibility to protect the public. Allowing the massive withdrawals proposed by a reckless, profit-motivated industry is just plain wrong.

Make your voice heard on this important issue at

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