New Effort to Reduce Nuclear Weapons

Faithful Security ( has reported that the Joint Understanding for the START Follow-on Treaty signed by President Obama and President Medvedev on July 6, 2009 commits the United States and Russia to “reduce their strategic warheads to a range of 1500-1675, and their strategic delivery systems to a range of 500-1100.” Of course, negotiators for both sides still have to work out the details and draft the treaty, hopefully to be signed by the end of the year when the START I agreement expires. The follow-on agreement will contain the rigorous inspection regime.


While the agreement, to be implemented in seven years, represents a modest step in nuclear arms reduction, it is a significant step toward the goal of a nuclear weapon free world.


The leaders at the G 8 Summit meeting in L’Aquila, Italy, released a statement that called for: moving toward a world without nuclear weapons, strengthening the nonproliferation treaty and securing nuclear weapons and materials from terrorists. While in L’Aquila President Obama formally announced his plan to host a Global Nuclear Security Summit in March 2010.


The Global Nuclear Security Summit will likely involve up to 30 countries and will address the risks posed by nuclear terrorism, the safety of nuclear stockpiles and atomic smuggling.


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