CDF Freedom Schools® National Day of Social Action

From the Children’s Defense Fund:


While elected officials on Capitol Hill are making crucial decisions right now to improve our broken health care system, thousands of children across the country are stepping up and letting their voices be heard. By taking action, they believe we can solve our health care crisis and provide comprehensive, affordable health coverage for everyone—especially children—this year.


On July 13, the Children’s Defense Fund hosted its annual CDF Freedom Schools® National Day of Social Action (, a day on which more than 11,000 students from our CDF Freedom Schools program sites across the country (a summer and after-school enrichment program) raised their voices for health coverage for all children. In this annual event, children learn to engage in community service and social justice advocacy—a commitment that follows them for the rest of their lives. CDF Freedom Schools students take part in visiting elected officials, joining together for marches and rallies and leading awareness activities in support of health coverage for all children.


Add your voice! You can help make the CDF Freedom Schools students’ voices louder and support CDF’s campaign to ensure health coverage for all children by sending an email today to your Members of Congress at


The thousands of CDF Freedom Schools students and you who participate in the National Day of Social Action are proof that we can solve important issues facing children if each of us does our part.

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