Why Does the President’s Budget Matter?

From the National Priorities Project (http://nationalpriorities.org/):

On February 13 President Obama released his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal, requesting $3.67 trillion in new budget authority. The budget estimates $3.8 trillion in total spending in 2013, which includes some spending that was authorized in the 2012 budget.

Many Washington insiders expect that Congress will not pass a 2013 budget that looks anything like the proposal the president released on the 13th.

Why, then, does the president’s budget matter?  Go to http://nationalpriorities.org/en/publications/2012/presidents-budget-fy2013/ to find out.

Over the coming weeks, National Priorities Project will bring you a wealth of materials analyzing all the numbers of the budget: Where trillions of dollars in tax revenues come from; how the new budget will affect your own state; plus extra detail on spending for health care, education, and the military.

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